महीना: फ़रवरी 2021

Marrij annivrrsary

Some priceless happy moments of marriage anniversary which teaches us to live life lively.

This is a bond of love that cannot be broken.
Bindi on the forehead, vermilion of mango, bangles on the hands and henna, anklets on the feet and Mahavar.
Is this just a sign of happiness, or are these all the signs of love which binds in the unbreakable bond of love. The bond of love was tied on 3 February 1999, and today it has been 1999 years since this bond.
This is such a bond that doesn’t break even after breaking.
Sometimes the world wanted to break, sometimes it broke myself too. But this is the bond of love. Try a million times but this is the bond of love, it is neither broken nor will it break.
As long as there is light in the sun, this is the bond of love.
The deeper the ocean, the more infinite the love between us is.
Let’s make this bond strong again today. And pray to God to go along.
I don’t know, may God fulfill my big wish. As he has been doing till today.
Rajni Ajit Singh 3.2.2021