On December 2,1999, when you came into this world and on my laps, the lives of your maa and papa was filled with joy and our destiny took a wonderful turn. I gave the name ‘Srijan’ to you because I want you to build something big in this world. We have always pampered you and tried our best to give you all the happiness of this world. Now that you’ve turned 18, I can no more scold you, now you can do what you want and the very thought of this brought tears in my eyes and is giving me sleepless nights…..
Your maa and papa have brought you up with so much hope, and now, time has made you big. In just a couple of days, you will go far away to achieve your goal but I believe that you will never forget us……
This thought is making both of us like statue of stone……
You are that present to Rajni and Ajeet which is priceless, which gave us light as the sun lits the whole universe.
Many congratulations on your birthday.
Rajani Ajeet Singh
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